Frequently Asked Questions

What type of log homes does Paradise Mountain Log Homes provide?

Paradise Mountain Log Homes. are proudly providing the finest handcrafted method since 1978. Each log is hand peeled, hand-scribed utilizing the Scandinavian full scribe with the Canadian Lock Notch corner. Each log is fitted to the next, with no visible butt joints.

What type of log is used, and how are they dried?

Our handcrafted log & timber homes are built primarily with Engleman spruce logs, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar and Lodgepole pine. Engleman spruce is a very tight grained and light in color log and known for its strength and minimal taper. The logs we use are an average of 12-20 inches mean diameter and are winter harvested when the sap is down. The logs are then air-dried through the year to a moisture content of 19 percent or less. As a further measure of quality, over 95 percent of our timber meets the highest premium grade standard of the Timber Products Inspection Agency.

Are log homes efficient, how are costs?

Our handcrafted log homes are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is because of the size of the logs used, or the thermal mass. For example, an 8 in. milled log home has a lot less mass or cellular structure, compared to a 12 to 16 in. log. Using the envelope calculation method for R-equivalency when finished a recommended, have an approximate R value of R30+, with the roof and floors insulated with R38 fiberglass.

Can I design my own log house and, do you do custom design?

Almost 90% of Paradise Mountain Log Homes are custom designed. You can save valuable time & cost using our professional design, drafting and architectural team.

Are log homes difficult to maintain?

Of course we can’t endorse all log homes, but we at Paradise Mountain Log Homes feel that if our blueprints and building practices are followed along with the right stains and sealers your log home will last for generations.

How difficult is it to finish a log home?

In our blueprints we provide complete details to aid the contractor along with a free consultation with technical assistance as needed. We make our log packages very builder friendly. In short, we service what we sell.

How soon can you deliver and how long does it typically take?

Normally delivery of a Paradise Mountain Log Home is between 60-90 days. A Sales/Purchase Contract signed and payment received. Large commercial projects may take longer. Scheduling is on a first come first served basis. The designing and drawing can require time depending on the complexity of the home.

Can I erect my Paradise Mountain Log Home?

Yes you can. You will need a 5 man crew with two of them being experienced Carpenters/Framers. We would also supply a Log Smith to assist your crew for supervision. You would also be responsible for the crane with an operator. Or if you prefer, we can provide the set-up crew and the crane.

What does my Handcrafted Paradise Mountain Log Home provide?

The complete log package contains all of the following:

  • 12-14 inch handcrafted, Scandinavian Scribe logs with the Norwegian saddle notch or the wedge notch
  • Log floor joists
  • Log ridgebeam and purlins for your complete log roof system pitch cut & ready to accept framing
  • Support posts
  • Doors & windows are pre-cut and keyed
  • Thru-bolts on all corners & wall stiffening pilasters
  • Handcrafted, mortise & tenon log stairs & interior railing for stair & loft.
  • Complete custom drawings
  • Qualified log home set-up crew for re-erection
  • Please see our Log Package page for a complete list of what is included in a Paradise Mountain Log Home.
Do you provide free estimates?

Yes. Upon receiving a small drawing of your plan with dimensions with the location of your building site, (city or town nearest you) we can give you an estimate of your dream home or cabin.

What is the average cost per square foot to build a handcrafted Paradise Mountain Log Home?

The average cost on our log packages is $50 to $60+ per square foot, depending on the design complexity and delivery destination. Logs that are larger in diameter or are Spruce or Douglas Fir add to the cost per square foot, please contact us so we can provide a more detailed quote.

An average Dry-In package ranges from $200 to $250+ per square foot. This includes the log package, all materials and labor for the roof system, roofing, doors and windows. This is the process that can make your log shell weather tight. The price can range depending on the type of windows, doors, roofing, size of decks, and material used.

The Turn-Key package includes the log shell, the Dry-In package, and is completed by a contractor. Pricing starts at $250 per square foot and goes up from there. The cost can vary based on choice of cabinetry, flooring, and light fixtures, etc.

Our Timber Frame House package ranges from $50 to $60 per square foot for the Timber Frame & the Sturdy-Wall Panel Package delivered and installed.

How are electrical and plumbing installed in a Handcrafted log home?

Since your log home has a 9 1/2″ deep or 2×10 framed floor system built over the second story log floor joist there is plenty of room for all plumbing and wiring. The bathrooms do not have to be stacked as in the old days. Also, there is ample room for HVAC.

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