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Platinum Package

Simply put, we do it all hassle free, worry free.  We provide everything from the Building Permit- all inspections from the Foundation to the occupancy permit.  All our homes exceed all code requirements and are complete and ready to occupy.

This is the turn-key package. This package includes the log shell package and is completely finished.

Gold Package

Paradise Mountain Log Homes provides the crane and experienced crew to re-erect the Log, timber Frame or Post & Beam homes on your foundation/subfloor.

Silver Package

We provide a Log Smith on your building site to assist your two (2) experienced carpenters and 3 or 4 laborers or healthy family members for your re-assembly of your log shell package.  This is the most affordable package. This is owner-built.

What Makes Us Different

I guess we do construction on our log homes the old fashion way, one at a time, same as our log yard.

Tom- President:  Sales, Manager, Designer, Superintendant/Quality control.

Judy- VP: Sales, Office Manager

We also have a skilled Artesian/carpenter on each home throughout the build process from the beginning to completion and he is not just a supervisor.  In this way we are able to keep overhead down, but keep our eye on the ball.

All of logs are sourced from the Interior Dry belt region of BC from sustainable and managed forests.

We see some of our competitors who tout their 6 step process with designers, mangers, superintendents and office support have you ever wondered how much actual hands on experience all of these entities have had in the actual constructing anything let alone your custom log or timber home?


Our process is as simple as one step with a fraction of these entities.  The owner of our company is directly involved with you and the architectural designer thru every aspect weather it’s a custom plan or a stock plan we modify to suite your family.

Come & See Our Work!!!

Paradise Mountain Log Homes is family owned and operated!

We deliver and install homes throughout the Northwest, so give us a call to see if there is one in your area for viewing. Our customers are very proud of their log homes and love to show them off.  Paradise is a General Contractor also, and has 30 years of experience in the building industry, with over 25 years specializing in Log Homes & Timber Frame construction.  Tom & his experienced building crew have valuable hands-on experience from setting the log packages to finishing the homes to a Turn-Key Package.

Specializing in Quality and Service with providing the finest Handcrafted Log Masterpieces with the experience of over 1500 Handcrafted Log Homes behind us since 1978 and building a very distinctive Timber Frame.


All our homes we Turn-Key exceed all energy codes.

These homes on our website are conceptual and need to be changed to fit the client’s needs.  All of our log home plans can be changed to Timber Frame or Post & Beam styles or any Hybrid combination.

After a very thorough inspection of all competitors we feel our product is superior to most companies and our service as well.

At Paradise Mountain Log Homes we don’t hand you off to an Architect and have them take over, we have found over the years that it’s a waste of money.  They might draw something you like, but it doesn’t fit the budget

The owner himself sits down with you personally to help you achieve your goals.  He has with the help of our drafter reach these goals for over 35 Years.

We have found over the years that it is less expensive to build up rather than out and it starts with the foundation size, the Log or Timber Frame Package to the size of the roof system itself.

Talking roof systems they can be an expensive part of the budget so some common sense in this regard goes a long way.  A simple roof system waves time and money, meaning materials and labor.

Some of these Log & Timber companies from what they show of their timber layout of the homes they are nothing more than accent pieces in a sip panel envelope home.  We pride ourselves in building the whole timber or log package standing in the yard even the stairs & railing installed.  The choice is clear to us a Hand Crafted Paradise Mountain built by artisans with large log & timbers or machine made with small diameters.

FAQ: What’s the Best Species of Log for a Log or Timber Home?

At PMLH we get the question all the time, what’s the best species of log for a log
or timber home?

Some companies will tell you Western Red Cedar. That type costs 2-3 times more than a Douglas Fir home, the species we use PMLH.

Everyone knows that Cedar lumber lasts longer than Doug Fir, but in a Handcrafted unlike heartwood lumber a Handcrafted home still has a layer of sap wood intact and in fact it is a softer wood that a Doug Fir sapwood and needs to be treated like any other log or timber home.

A Doug Fir home is stronger material with less taper and when properly treated we often use cedar as say entry posts because the flared trunk or butt why spend twice as much?

Talk about comparing log packages and what they provide or do not provide. We have heard from people asking about service if we could do work for them? The people that provided there log shell had dumped their logs on the ground and left and didn’t even provide a log smith or a crew to set-up the home!! Any intelligent person would know that this is not the way to start your project, but some people can’t resist a lower bid but at what cost!!

Other things to consider- the use of bug kill dead standing lodge pole pine- butt joints and butt & pass corners.. Lets be honest if you want to build a luxury log home or a simple cabin you need to choose the right logs!!!

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